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Konya, The capital of Anatolian Seljuk Empire. A large geography which affected Anatolia to be  a  Turkish native country.  The oldest settlement of the history.  The capital of culture, trade and industry, Konya, which fostered and  hosted different cultures in the middle of Anatolia .

The central city  of Anatolia in terms of trade and industry,  Konya has achieved to reflect its heritage acquired from the history to present day and to make it survive. Knead by Turkish civilization, Turkish- Islamic guild  has spread  its richness to  the most of the sections of the society, thus artisans and tradesmen could have a large place the city’s population.

Shoes manufacture and trade is a profession which is identified with this city. Konya is the shoes production center of Turkey.  Equipped with modern production tools, industrial plants have been using its power, which was combined with its rooted artisan tradition, to introduce itself worldwide.

Our enterprises have a young, dynamic and aspirant man power which acquired the background of the city and the sector. This power; without ruining the traditional structure, has been working with the aspiration of a powerful and rooted  future- oriented  success by combining its modern enterprise equipments.

Our strategy in the production is to bring together the quality and aesthetic and to form a style. We are aiming to reach a passionate customer mass feeling itself  comfortable and elegant with our designs . Our service concept is to consider the customer valuable every time and to gain value accordingly.  


 We have been working with the determination for being a world brand and we adopt  to appease all our customers for enabling this .



 We step towards your heart .

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Men, having a style, know that shoes are not only the shoes.
Shoes , are the projection of quality and classiness . not only provide you to step on but make you to leave your footprint where you step on .
We; produce our shoes for men who have a style so that they could leave a mark of the quality and elegance …